Craig, Josh and Connor looking to end the year with wins for STB

Craig Aston, Josh Cooper and Connor Haley are out fighting to complete a year of Stoke Thai Boxing fighting 32 times this year. It's been a very busy year for the gym supporting 11 promotions this year including promoting 2 of our own shows with Sandee Shins of Steele 6 and MTGP Stoke.

We're having a good year in of results to with a 60% win ratio with 19 wins, 9 losses and 1 draw. we've got 3 tough fights coming up for Craig, Connor and Josh but looking to increase on the success this year.

Craig Aston - One of our older amateur fighters with his 3rd fight and already taking a win this year and is looking to take home 2 wins in 2019. Craig will be taking on Adrian Armor from Chang Muay Thai at Kiatpontip Muay Thai Show, Sunday 24th November 2019.

Connor Haley - Connor is new to the Stoke Thai Boxing team but brings a wealth of experience making his debut for STB against Harry Downes on Road to MTGP Sheffield