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Stoke Thai out in force at home show Sandee Shins of Steele 5

A busy day for Stoke Thai Boxing as 15 fighters are out to show there hometown what they can do. Sandee Shins of Steele 5 promoted by John Steele and Craig Aston has plans to bring an explosive evening of Muay Thai to Stoke on Trent and showcase some of the best UK’s Muay Thai talent.

This show will range from Juniors to Pro K1 fights with Jay Steele showcasing as the Main Event, also making his Junior Debut is George Steele. Liam Griffin is stepping up to Pro Am rules and now using elbows.

Sandee Shins of Steele is at Kings Hall Stoke on Trent with tickets still on sale, so don’t miss out.

Keep an eye out for the results tomorrow.

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